Componente di una macchina industriale frutto della progettazione ingegneristica di Esse-Bi Engineering

Engineering & Simulation – CAE

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) is the approach that Esse-Bi Engineering puts in place for the validation and validation of projects.

Advanced software tools let us simulate the behavior of mechanical components; the simulation based on FEM and on multibody codes lets investigate the real operating conditions

FEM Analysis

Structural calculation models of proven validity, thanks to the use of the NASTRAN and ANSYS solvers:

  • Linear static analyzes
  • Dynamic analysis on a modal basis: transient, vibration, fatigue
  • Shock response, or “seismic” analysis
  • Material and geometric non-linearities
  • Thermal analysis: transient and steady state

NAFEMS member since 2018.

Disegno di un componente realizzato attraverso la simulazione mediante calcolo ingegneristico


in Esse-Bi Engineering we are able to use scientific and open source software to reproduce the complex scenarios of the real use of components:

  • Dynamic analysis with ADAMS multibody code
  • Interaction of the model with the control electronics
  • Interaction of the electronics with a digital model of the system

Industry 4.0

3D CAD models and simulation let create a digital twin:

  • Test and simulation virtual environment
  • Reliable reproduction of the input from on the field sensors
  • Prediction of the behaviour
  • Predictive maintenance and preventive maintenance