Componente di una macchina industriale frutto della progettazione ingegneristica di Esse-Bi Engineering

Automation & Mechatronics

Combine the design of machinery and equipment with the development of electronics; produce complex electromechanical systems; consider the effects of the interactions between mechanical hardware and on-board electronics; include the sizing and choice of drives, electric motors and inverters; the choice of the best sensors and technologies to get the needed results depending on the application.

Also for a constant attention to safety concerns, the process of progressive identification and reduction of risks is strongly interconnected with the design and with the choice of suitable sensors and electronics.

Special machinery and customized benches

Over the years in Esse-Bi Engineering we have dealt with the design of:

  • Instrumented benches for static testing of actuators
  • Machines for the assembly of electromechanical small parts
  • Pick & place on a transfer basis

We continuously cohoperate with primary Brescia and Italian companies that outsource part of the engineering and design activities in specific sectors.

Safety Engineering

  • Identification of the applicable EC directives and creation of the technical file
  • ESR analysis and risk reduction assessment
  • Study of the control system of the machines to obtain the performance level in accordance with the EN 13849-1 standard
  • Editing of use and maintenance manuals

Both for the design from scratch and for the modification, retrofit or adaptation of existing machines.

Industry 4.0

3D CAD models and simulations allow Esse-Bi Engineering to create the digital twin of your machine and to have a test and simulation environment faithfully reproducing the inputs from the on field sensors to predict the machinery behaviour.